future co Manifesto

Futureco. Sustainable sportswear. Queenstown mountain top. Copyright image

Uncompromised Environmental Responsibility

Our number one priority is to do our part to reduce negative impacts on the planet.

The textiles and fashion industry are notorious for waste and toxic material consumption. So we are very conscious of what we are doing across the whole supply chain. The key components are our sustainable 100% recycled polyester fabrics (Global Recycled Standards 4.0) and light garment sewing processes.

Each garment not only helps prepare our planet to thrive again, but also goes to support families in Bangladesh that are less fortunate. We pay our teams well and ensure they are in looked after environments (adults only of course!).

Ethics and Empathy

Our partners are like our own

Recycled Synthetics

Sourced from drink bottles

Carbon Offsetting

Where currently unavoidable

hero image Futureco. Sustainable sportswear. Copyright image

Carbon Neutral

Future Co is on a journey to be carbon neutral. When you tally our total carbon footprint there are elements we cannot control at this point in time for example the logistics of goods shipped from our partners to us, and then from us to our members.

However, we are committing to keep track of our carbon emissions and we'll offset this by supporting the restoration and protection of native forests around New Zealand through our partnership with The Native Forest Restoration Trust.

We've also partnered with r3pack to ensure our packaging is compostable, and CarbonClick to allow our members to get behind impactful global projects to offset their own carbon footprint as well.

Peak Physical Performance

Aesthetically pleasing and streamlined in design, we've stripped out all the fancy stuff that you don't really need so you can let your performance be the point of difference.

Our design philosophy is to bring back the items that you most loved, but reinvented. We also make the most out of 'single layers' so that you can compact and carry each garment with you easily in your backpack to the gym, track or court.

We use lightweight, fast drying, and comfy on the skin fabric. It's the exact combination you need when motion, repetition and sweat is at play.

hero image Futureco. Sustainable sportswear. Windbreaker Jacket. Copyright image
Futureco. Sustainable sportswear. Queenstown mountains. Copyright image

Future Roadmap

  • Horizon 1

    Our focus across 2021 - 2022 is to provide our members with quality, sustainable sportswear and to stay 100% committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We will continue to iterate through our products to ensure every feature is captured in a sustainable way.

  • Horizon 2

    2023 - 2025 our vision is to become a leading sportswear movement that is 100% sustainable in business practice. This will be achieved by having more influence over the entire supply chain from fabric sourcing right through to manufacturing and distribution headquartered in New Zealand.

  • Horizon 3

    The year 2025 will see us opening our own Research and Development facility to come up with new and innovative products, manufacturing processes and to be a catalyst for a global circular economy shift.