Through trusted partners and suppliers, Future Co aims for carbon neutral processes across manufacturing, distribution and fulfilment. Understanding every action we make as a sportswear brand has led to combatting the potential impact of our decisions, minimising and at times preventing them altogether.

We are proud to partner with R3Pack, NZ Forest Trust Fund, and Carbon Click to champion a cleaner future, becoming the change we wish to see.

Ethics and Empathy

Our partners are like our own

Recycled Synthetics

Sourced from drink bottles

Carbon Offsetting

Where currently unavoidable


Designed for performance. Peak physical performance comes in all shapes and sizes, we understand that. Future Co is a pioneer in an organic design philosophy, enhancing more of what we each have and creating performance-wear that elevates each athlete, no matter how you perform.

With rigorous refinement in our fabrics and construction we strive to create garments that work with you and are constantly refining our understanding of the perfect performance piece.

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hero image Futureco. Sustainable sportswear. Copyright image


With each capsule, the potential in technology and innovation at our disposal grows. This is thanks to our industry leading collaborators in textiles, trims and production, allowing us to continuously redefine our own products and what it means to be innovative with every design, prototype and test.

As each of our athletes strive to unlock their own potential, we expect the same from each capsule released. Potential and unfiltered innovation is the driving force behind every sketch and design at Future Co which becomes reality.

Futureco. Sustainable sportswear. Queenstown mountains. Copyright image

The Future

  • Horizon 1

    Our focus across 2020 - 2022 is to provide our members with quality, sustainable sportswear and to stay 100% committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We will continue to iterate through our products to ensure every feature is captured in a sustainable way.

  • Horizon 2

    2023 - 2025 our vision is to become a leading sportswear movement that is 100% sustainable in business practice. This will be achieved by having more influence over the entire supply chain from fabric sourcing right through to manufacturing and distribution headquartered in New Zealand.

  • Horizon 3

    The year 2025 will see us opening our own Research and Development facility to come up with new and innovative products, manufacturing processes and to be a catalyst for a global circular economy shift.