Futurism is the notion of fantasising about new and better ways of living our past and present experiences in a faster-paced and hyper-creative digital world of tomorrow. The future is enabled by the past. The birth of 'digital' comes from Binary foundation; a base-2 numeral system that is expressed quite literally with 1s and 0s.

Whether something is logically True or False, a Yes or No, Future Co in this concept takes you back to the basics and begs the self reflection, argument, belief, and challenge for how you aspire to live better tomorrow? Join the Future Co movement and do it better, for you and for our planet.

You either have it [1] or you don't [0].

Futureco. Sustainable sportswear. Queenstown mountain top. Copyright image
Futureco. Sustainable sportswear. Tank top singlet. Copyright image


Future Co brings you collections inspired by past sportswear pieces reinvented in a futuristic way to benefit our environment and to boost your sporting confidence.

Through our innovative designs we take a minimalist approach so that we are reducing waste and the use of harsh chemicals.

Our vision is to be carbon neutral across our entire supply chain and therefore have teamed up with the right groups to help up us get there.

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Hero Image of Landscape
Hero Image of Landscape